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Free Measure and Quote on Aluminium Shutters.
We are suppliers of the highest quality Aluminium Shutters for home and office in the Central Coast area. We offer a Free Measure and Quote for all situations on all types of shutters.

Material: 1.4 mm gauge, marine-grade aluminium, with reinforced joints. Blades have a reinforced centre spine which allows for greater impact if the blades comes under undue stress.

Standard Colours range
White, Black, Pearl and Silver.

Timber look Aluminium Shutters
This range has timber grain finishes in Natural cedar, Golden oak, Lime-wash and Walnut.

Custom powdercoat colours are available upon request.

Colour Coating System
We are able to offer you custom colours across the entire colorbond powdercoat range. The specialised and unique liquid based hardened finish applies to all powdercoat applications, be it the standard colours or your custom colour.

Locking Mechanisms
You can order high quality Stainless Steel locks for your Aluminium Shutters that offer an extra level of security. We have several different types available. These are Lockable Handles, Security Bolts with Allen Key and Flush Bolts for Aluminium Shutters. Security bolts can also be applied to Timber Shutters.

Free Measure and Quote on Aluminium Shutters.

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    Blade Sizes
    64mm, 89mm and 114mm. These are aerofoil blades with a clear-view tilt rod for a cleaner open look. The 64mm and 89 mm can also be supplied with insect beading to allow for fly screens. Blades operate the full 180 degrees so they can fully close up or down. Blade tension can be adjusted by the screws on the clearview tilt rod.

    Installation Methods
    Panels can be hinged in L Frames or Z frames (dependent on your windows) for a neat and clean look. Track Bi-Fold and Track Sliders are available for those larger openings. Privacy Screens can be created using fixed panels in top and bottom U channels. Tilt Rods
    The Tilt Rod is placed on the Hinge side of a panel or Left side of a fixed or slider panel. You can nominate front or back for the tilt rods. Installation is by qualified trades staff.

    The Weatherwell Elite Aluminium Shutters are manufactured in the United States. The Weatherwell Elite are the top of the range when it comes to Aluminium Shutters. The blades on this shutter range are able to lock at any position and the internal blade rotation hides all mechanisms inside the frame. The design hides all screws resulting in no visible fixings.

    Aluminium Shutters were introduced into the Australian market during the late 1990`s and have grown in popularity since. There are a number of reasons why many people prefer the use of Aluminium Shutters and the main reason is they are well suited to the harsh sun of Australia. Marine-grade aluminium alloy offers strength and resistance to rain and sun and has the highest strength of the non-heat treatable aluminium alloys. Marine-grade has a working life of around 100 years. As such you may find Aluminium shutters offer a better long term option for your home.

    Warranty Specifics.
    10 Years on Powdercoat finishes and structural for Aluminium Shutters.
    5 Years on Paint finish for Timber Shutters with 15 years on the structural.
    Lifetime Warranty on the structural for High Profile Elite Timber Shutters.

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